How does the SX scissor mechanism work?

Scissor Technology Explained

The CHERRY SX scissor mechanism is a special flat key technology used in many CHERRY keyboards. It refines the Rubberdome technology by additionally incorporating the eponymous scissor mechanism into each key. Let's take a closer look at the scissor technology and explain how it works:

SX Scissor mechanics

This is how it works:

Key Press: A scissor keyboard is essentially also based on the Rubberdome technology. Just like with membrane keyboards, there is a rubber mat with many silicone domes - the so-called rubber domes - under the keycaps. However, these domes are smaller than those in regular membrane keyboards, which also results in a shorter key travel. Additionally, each key is equipped with a scissor module placed over the rubber domes. When you press a key on a keyboard with scissor mechanism, the keycap moves downward and is evenly guided by the scissor mechanism.

Stable Pressure Distribution: The SX scissor mechanism ensures stable and precise key movement. The scissor ensures an even distribution of pressure on the rubber dome, which provides solid tactile feedback on good keyboards. As with the Rubberdome technology, the compression of the dome closes the electrical contact and generates a signal.

Key Reset: After pressing the key, the scissor mechanism returns to its original position due to the force of the rubber dome, restoring the original position. This mechanism allows for a quick return of the key to the starting position, which is important for high typing speed.

The advantages of the scissor mechanism

The scissor mechanism key technology is an advanced method for keyboards that offers a range of advantages. Here are some reasons why this technology is so popular:

Slim and Compact Design

The scissor mechanism enables a particularly flat and compact design of the keys. This results in a sleek and modern keyboard design. Especially in office keyboards, this flat keyboard technology is popular.

Responsive Key Press with Short Key Travel

Thanks to the scissor mechanism, the keys are particularly responsive. The precise movement of the scissor structure allows for fast and accurate key presses with a clear pressure point. This enables a comfortable typing experience, suitable for longer typing sessions.

Quiet and Comfortable Operation

Like traditional Rubberdome keyboards, keyboards with scissor mechanism are very quiet - when implemented properly! This is especially appreciated in quiet environments.

Durability and Reliability

The scissor mechanism is known for its durability and reliability. The mechanism can handle a high number of key presses without losing performance or precision.

The SX scissor mechanism offers a good combination of flat design, pleasant typing quality, and crisp feedback. Due to the more elaborate mechanics compared to Rubberdome keyboards, scissor mechanism keyboards come at a slightly higher price point. Nevertheless, especially with this technology, it is a real alternative to mechanical keyboards.

SX scissor keyboards by CHERRY

CHERRY provides a range of high-quality keyboards equipped with the in-house SX scissor technology. Building on our extensive expertise, CHERRY's scissor keyboards stand for the highest quality, elegant design, and long-lasting performance. With a lifespan of up to 20 million key presses, CHERRY's STREAM Line offers arguably the best scissor keyboard on the market.

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