Secure supply chain from CHERRY

Sources of supply

To ensure the greatest possible protection of patient data right from the start, there is also a corresponding "secure supply chain" for the telematics infrastructure. In simplified terms, this consists of three sections: CHERRY, as a manufacturer of products for the TI, has increased security requirements for the production environment and must record and document all security-relevant data.

The intermediate trade must ensure that devices for the TI are safely protected by structural and organizational measures, including during transport. In addition to specially trained personnel, this also includes an extended process for incoming and outgoing goods. During transportation, the service provider also needs specially trained personnel and certifications.

End customers (doctors, hospitals, etc.) must in turn be able to check the devices and cards for integrity and authenticity. This is done by means of security features on the device or card itself, the various stations in the supply chain or specific security features of the manufacturer.

Here you will find a list of our approved trading partners:

akquinet data center competence GmbH

Ulzburger Straße 201
D-22850 Norderstedt

Janos Frank

Bechtle GmbH & Co. KG

IT-Systemhaus Bielefeld
Competence Center Telematik & eHealth
Industriestraße 33
DE-33689 Bielefeld

Julia Schubert

cardassist logo

Card Assist CA GmbH

Libellenstraße 9

Kontaktperson: Hr. Jolly
Tel. Nr.: 030/31805444

CGM Logo

CompuGroup Medical Deutschland AG

Geschäftsbereich Telematikinfrastruktur
Maria Trost 21

concat logo

Concat AG

Berliner Ring 127-129

Deutscher Ärzteverlag GmbH

Dieselstraße 2
50859 Köln

Tel. Kundenservice: 02234 / 7011 -335

dgn logo

DGN Deutsches Gesundheitsnetz Service GmbH

Niederkasseler Lohweg 181-183
Tel: 0211 77008-456

DocCheck logo


Vogelsanger Str. 66
zur Homepage

I-Motion GmbH Logo

I-Motion GmbH

Nordring 23
Fürth Hammerl Logo Hammerl

Offizieller Online Cherry Distributor

Am Hollerstein 3b
Tel.: +49 9241-724020
Fax.: +49 9241-724021

medplus Medizintechnik GmbH

Wachauer Straße 16 
01454 Radeberg

Ansprechpartner: Ronny Schonert 
035201 817 223 

Praxisdienst GmbH & Co. KG

Trierer Str. 43 - 47
D-54340 Longuich

Geschäftsbereich Telematikinfrastruktur
Kontakt Personen:
Yilmaz Coskun & Maximilian Buchmann
Tel.: +49 (0) 6502 - 91 69-13
Fax: +49 (0) 6502 - 91 69-20

Samhammer AG Logo

Samhammer AG

Zur Kesselschmiede 3
92637 Weiden i.d. Opf.

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Stephan Meyer (Sales)
Tel.: +49 172 1893055

Telekonnekt GmbH Logo

Telekonnekt GmbH

Schleißheimer Straße 91a
Garching bei München
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think about IT GmbH Logo

think about IT GmbH

Hanauer Landstraße 175 - 179
Frankfurt am Main

Hr. Alexander Böhm
Tel. +49 (0) 69 247 471 761

T-Systems International GmbH Logo

T-Systems International GmbH

Hahnstraße 43
Frankfurt am Main
Tel: 0800 330 1368
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VIA DA VINCI.dialog GmbH

Hellgrundweg 109

ZEMO EDV Handels GmbH Logo

ZEMO EDV Handels GmbH

Franz-Mader-Str. 9
Tel. 0851/95634-0
Fax: 0851/95634-23

Verification of secure delivery

Please contact our support hotline on +49 9643 2061-100 to check this.

gSMC-KT Example Card Top and Bottom view in DE

Verification of the authenticity and integrity of the gSMC-KT

The following options are available to check the authenticity and integrity of the gSMC-KT:

  1. Does your supplied gSMC-KT correspond to the following illustration and does it have the CHERRY logo?
  2. Do the printed serial number and the printed fingerprint match the information in the cover letter?
  3. As with the secure supply chain, you can contact us on +49 9643 2061-100 to check the serial number and fingerprint for authenticity.
ElektroG § 7a Take-back concept - Germany

B2B customer information (Note on compliance with legal requirements)

In accordance with EU Directive 2002/96/EC of the European Parliament and the EU Council on Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) and the new version of the EU Directive, 2012/19/EU, there is an obligation to collect waste electrical and electronic equipment, to treat it in accordance with regulations, to dispose of it and to finance this. According to the Electrical and Electronic Equipment Act (ElektroG) applicable in Germany, every manufacturer is obliged to create a reasonable opportunity for the return of old equipment from users other than private households. CHERRY Digital Health GmbH assumes responsibility for its products and returns them to a high-quality recycling process after use. For devices that have been used commercially or in public institutions - so-called B2B devices - we have provided convenient return and disposal solutions for you. Together with its partners, CHERRY Digital Health GmbH organizes the recycling and recovery of waste electrical and electronic equipment. CHERRY Digital Health GmbH assumes the costs for the treatment, recycling and recovery of CHERRY Digital Health GmbH products. In return, CHERRY Digital Health GmbH asks its customers to bear the costs for transportation to CHERRY Digital Health GmbH.

Option to return and dispose of old appliances

You would like to dispose of an electrical appliance purchased from CHERRY Digital Health GmbH correctly. Please contact the CHERRY Service Center.

We will arrange for a parcel service to collect the old electrical appliance. Please print the shipping label and affix the printout clearly visible on the shipment containing the old electrical appliance.

Personal responsibility with regard to the deletion of personal data

We expressly point out that in accordance with § 19a ElektroG, any personal data on the appliances to be disposed of must be deleted by you.

Meaning of the symbol for labeling electrical appliances

The crossed-out wheeled garbage can symbol on electrical appliances indicates that old electrical appliances must be collected separately and that they must not be disposed of with household waste.