CHERRY mice fit optimally in your hand and are useful tools for many applications providing a pleasant, exact and long-lasting aid for gaming, office use or graphics work in your business.


Everything You Need to Know About Mice

The computer mouse is an indispensable input device for every PC user. Whether for gaming, office work, or simply browsing the internet, a good PC mouse can make all the difference. Here, you will learn everything about different types of mice and what to consider when choosing one.

An Overview

Not All Mice Are the Same

Let's dive into the world of computer mice together. What models are available, and what features do they offer?

Gaming Mice

Gaming Mice

For gamers, choosing the right mouse is crucial. Gaming mice offer special features such as high DPI (Dots Per Inch) for precise movements, programmable buttons for customization, and ultra-fast response times. Additionally, some models come with RGB lighting, which not only looks good but also indicates different profiles and settings. Some gaming mice from CHERRY are also ultra-lightweight and available in both wireless and wired versions.

Office Mice

Office Mice

In the office, comfort and efficiency are key. Office mice often feature ergonomic designs that reduce strain on the wrist and arm, as well as silent clicks for a quiet working environment. Many office mice have additional buttons for frequently used functions, significantly boosting productivity. CHERRY’s office mice also boast an elegant design.

Corded Mice

Wired Mice

Wired mice offer a stable and reliable connection without latency. They are ideal for users who rely on precision and responsiveness, such as gamers or graphic designers. Another advantage is that they do not require batteries. At CHERRY, you will find a wide selection of wired mice.

Wireless Mice

Wireless Mice

Wireless mice provide more freedom of movement and a clutter-free workspace. Modern wireless mice have impressive battery life and use advanced technologies such as Bluetooth or dedicated radio receivers to minimize delays. They are ideal for users who value flexibility and are often on the go. Discover the broad range of wireless mice from CHERRY.

The Special Features of CHERRY Mice

CHERRY mice are known for their reliability and durability. They offer precise control and are available in both wired and wireless versions. Additionally, they often come with extra function buttons that can enhance productivity. CHERRY PC mice can be customized with the free CHERRY KEYS software. Our gaming mice can be configured with the CHERRY UTILITY software.

Original CHERRY Quality

Find the Perfect Mouse at CHERRY

A high-quality mouse can significantly improve the user experience. It allows for more precise movements, reduces strain on the hand and arm, and offers additional features that can enhance efficiency. Especially for specific applications such as gaming or graphic design, the right mouse can make a huge difference.

At CHERRY, you will find a vast portfolio of various PC mice. Whether for gaming, office work, or creative activities, the right PC mouse from CHERRY is waiting for you.