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With a shallow profile of just 3.5 millimeters, the CHERRY MX ULTRA LOW PROFILE is the flattest and the first mechanical SMD switch in the MX portfolio. It combines features of the proven MX STANDARD switches with its own characteristics and thus sets a new standard for extremely thin notebook and desktop keyboards. 

New benchmark and innovation leader


CHERRY MX presents the ULTRA LOW PROFILE (ULP). With this model, the German-based company once again achieves a milestone in the development of switches: CHERRY MX manages to create the ultra-low profile mechanical switch into its own portfolio, which brings new technical possibilities to the design of ultra-low profile notebook and desktop keyboards in the high-end segment. In addition, the ultra-thin solution combines the feature set of the MX switches that have been proven for decades with new attributes, making the CHERRY MX ULTRA LOW PROFILE a game-changer for the industry.

Ultrathin design

CHERRY MX has not only presented a completely new development with the MX LOW PROFILE switch introduced in 2018 but also significantly reduced the overall height of mechanical switches in this new design. This step is radically continued with the brand-new MX ULTRA LOW PROFILE. CHERRY MX is moving toward the current limit of technical feasibility with this model: the overall height is now reduced to only 3.5 millimeters. Accordingly, the development team realized a mechanical switch that is around 70 percent smaller than the LOW PROFILE.

Completely new switch design

To achieve this extremely thin form factor, the CHERRY engineers had to come up with a completely new switch design that deviates from the previous MX construction. Accordingly, the CHERRY MX ULTRA LOW PROFILE lacks the traditional housing and plunger components. Instead, it relies on a two-piece keycap mount made of stainless steel, which is preloaded via a spring and is an element of the mechanics. This implementation allows for an extremely precise actuation. Significantly responsible for this and a decisive quality feature of every MX switch is the gold crosspoint contact system, which was specially developed for this switch. Other components of the CHERRY MX ULP include two translucent polymer components and the metal base frame.

Tactile switching characteristic

The Ultra Low Profile switch features a tactile switching characteristic and also generates acoustic feedback in the form of an audible click. In addition, the CHERRY MX ULTRA LOW PROFILE offers a pre-travel of only 0.8 millimeters. Then the switch also actuates directly and provides an ergonomic overtravel of 1.0 millimeters. The total travel is 1.8 millimeters. A force of 45 centinewtons is required for the actuation, which increases to 65 centinewtons at the tactile point. CHERRY's world-exclusive, high-precision, and durable gold crosspoint technology with the corrosion-resistant gold contact points, in combination with the long-lasting mechanics, ensures superior durability with consistent actuation quality.

Space-saving and cost-efficient SMD design

The CHERRY MX ULTRA LOW PROFILE is the first mechanical SMD switch from CHERRY MX that can be soldered directly onto the PCB thanks to dedicated connection pads. This space-saving solution allows for seamless integration into particularly flat and slim keyboards for notebooks as well as desktop applications, as the components can be placed on only one side of the PCB. In addition, this type of assembly process allows manufacturers to increase production efficiency by enabling automation.      

Balanced RGB illumination

Due to the special design of the CHERRY MX ULP, the respective SMD LED (RGB or single color) is located directly under the switch. In combination with the translucent thermoplastic parts, a balanced and homogeneous illumination is achieved, resulting in a brilliant expression of all 16.8 million colors of the RGB spectrum. This means that even the keycap is brightly illuminated. In addition, the possibility of individual key illumination is given.

New benchmark and innovation leader

CHERRY MX has not only developed the lowest-profile mechanical switch in its own range with the brand-new MX ULP and setting a new benchmark especially within the notebook segment but is also pushing the keyboard market forward with new innovations as a technology leader. As a new standard, the model will influence the industry in the coming years and possibly decades. Particularly for the notebook segment, the MX ULTRA LOW PROFILE switch will enable solutions that were not technically possible before.