Our service offer: Using the smartphone as a virtual card terminal

CHERRY SmartLink

The e-prescription has arrived in everyday healthcare. But one hurdle remains: Patients still must visit the pharmacy themselves to insert the electronic health card (eGK) into the eHealth Card Terminal or scan a QR code from the paper printout of the e-prescription. Only then do patients know whether the prescribed medication is in stock.

With our solution, we want to expand the service for pharmacies in private practice. This enables you to offer your customers in on-site pharmacies the same service as online pharmacies.

A new and user-friendly way of redeeming e-prescriptions

E-prescriptions can soon be easily managed, submitted, and digitally forwarded on a smartphone. The electronic health card (eGK) only needs to be held up to an NFC-enabled smartphone. By managing their e-prescriptions online, patients can easily carry out stock checks at their pharmacy and order medication. This is followed by a targeted visit to the selected pharmacy to continue to benefit from the comprehensive advice service and make additional purchases. Convenience is increased.

The result: your own pharmacy terminal in your pocket!

Together with the support of the DoctorBox healthcare platform, CHERRY is launching a Software as a Service (SaaS) solution that can be easily integrated into apps as an SDK. The result is a virtual terminal, aka their own smartphone, for inserting the electronic health card virtually and filling e-prescriptions.


The decisive factor is a robust, user-friendly mobile product that meets all security requirements. This is exactly what we are now bringing to the market. As a leading app developer in the healthcare sector, DoctorBox is an important partner for this.
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Interested in offering the service to your clients and patients?

Are you a provider of pharmacy apps or pharmacy platforms or a health insurance company? Would you also like to integrate this practical and beneficial solution into your app applications and offer your customers significant added value in the redemption and management of e-prescriptions?

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How CHERRY SmartLink can look like

Users can easily view, manage, and digitally forward e-prescriptions via apps. The e-prescriptions are simply retrieved by authentication via NFC on the smartphone via eGK and can be managed independently.

Here's how it works:

  1. Select pharmacy
  2. Select health card
  3. Enter CAN number 
(6-digit number on the health card)
  4. Hold health card to smartphone
  5. Select and collect medication

Try it out here:

Together, we are promoting the digital transformation in the healthcare sector hand in hand.

Advantages for all participants

  • No need to visit pharmacies in person or scan QR codes to check availability.
  • Use the app to check the availability of the medicine at various local pharmacies with the option to reserve or have it delivered.
  • Quick and easy redeeming of e-prescriptions via smartphone.
  • Better overview and control of your own health data.
  • Expansion of (online) business through simpler prescription processing for patients.
  • Increase customer loyalty by expanding digital services for customers.
  • Access to a broader customer group through digitized offers.
  • Simple integration of the Saas solution into their mobile offerings for pharmacies
  • No need for in-house development within the complex telematic infrastructure regulatory framework
  • Practical and flexible models for using the solution
  • Integration of the solution into own apps offers valuable additional service for insured persons
  • Efficient management of prescriptions and medication
  • Reduced staff workload thanks to fewer visitors at the counter in the practice
  • More efficient processes and greater convenience for patients as they can "plug in" their eGK virtually via smartphone
  • Digitization and modernization of the prescription system.
  • Increasing efficiency in the healthcare sector.
  • Improving the patient experience and healthcare.

CHERRY SmartLink - Simplicity with security!

Background to the offer:

The SaaS solution from CHERRY and DoctorBox now turns virtually any NFC-enabled smartphone into an eHealth card terminal for reading the eGK. It makes it possible to integrate a tested and approved interface into apps via SDK to securely redeem the e-prescription. Users hold their eGK to their NFC-enabled smartphone. This is based on the "eHealth CardLink Specification" recently published by gematik.

Our value proposition:

- Easy to integrate product (Software Developer Kit)

- e-prescription token is provided via CardLink from CHERRY

- No complex telematics infrastructure know-how required

- No TI hosting required (coverage via Saas)

Our expertise:

As CHERRY, we contribute our extensive experience in data security, regulation, and approval processes to the complex telematics infrastructure. With our modern card terminals for doctors' surgeries, pharmacies, clinics, and other user groups, we are the fastest growing provider in this field as a German company.

This solution brings us a significant step closer to a patient-centered healthcare system. With CHERRY's extensive experience in telematics solutions, we can make one of the most common touchpoints - going to the pharmacy - much more user-friendly and efficient for all parties.

Convinced? - Take action! We will support you.

Together we will bring an advanced SaaS solution to the market that completely transforms the e-prescription system and makes it mobile.

Use the opportunity of progress for your own mobile applications and provide your customers with valuable added value. We look forward to hearing from you.

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