Extended warranty

We put a lot of dedication and hard work into the development of our products and we are proud of their quality. This is why, in addition to the statutory guarantee mentioned in the operating instructions, we are granting an expanded manufacturer’s guarantee that is subject to the conditions stated below.

Extended warranty for products from the Office/Homeoffice range and all Active Key products:

Extended manufacturer warranty seal

For the first two years after delivery, the statutory warranty applies. In the third year after delivery, CHERRY voluntarily grants an additional warranty according to the following conditions ("extended warranty"). In the event of a defect, please contact the seller of your CHERRY product. Do not carry out any repairs on your own and do not open the product. There is no warranty if unauthorised changes to the product cause a defect.

Conditions for the extended warranty

In the case of a defect after the first 2 years after delivery of the CHERRY product, CHERRY grants its customers for the additional period of one year the right to assert claims for cure, i.e. demand that the defect is remedied or a thing free of defects is supplied. The extended warranty is to be asserted against the seller of the CHERRY product upon presentation of the original invoice, proof of purchase or a comparable proof of the time of purchase. CHERRY, and the seller of the CHERRY product, where applicable, shall remedy the defect in the event the customer has justified claims for cure under the terms of the extended warranty. Excluded from the extended warranty are damages caused by improper use, in particular by the effects of chemical substances, other damages caused by external influences, as well as normal wear and tear and optical changes, in particular discolouration or abrasion of shiny areas. Also excluded from the extended warranty are accessories and other parts which are not an integral part of the purchased item.

This extended warranty is valid for all products from the Office range purchased on or after 01/04/2019 and for all Active Key products purchased on or after 01/01/2022. Please refer to the data sheet or the product details (under "MORE INFORMATION") on the respective product page to find out whether your product is covered by the extended warranty.