Individual key assignment for mouse and keyboard

Whether in the office, at home or on the road: our CHERRY KEYS software gives you complete control over your keyboard keys and mouse buttons.

Your setup - as unique as you are

Thanks to our easy-to-use software, you can configure your keyboard or mouse according to your wishes. Our solution allows you to re-model your keys with just a few clicks

For example, use F11 to open a frequently used program, folder, or website.
Or you can protect your PC from unauthorized users and lock and unlock it with just a single click of the mouse wheel.
Or you can insert a previously saved text module, such as "Dear Ladies and Gentlemen", into your e-mails at the press of a button and save valuable time each day.

CHERRY KEYS makes it possible. And if your needs change, you can quickly and easily assign new functions to previously assigned keys.

How it works is shown here:

The following functions can be assigned with CHERRY KEYS:

  • Run program
  • Open file/folder
  • Open website
  • System functions such as logout, standby, locks
  • Play recorded macros
  • Insert recorded text
  • Multimedia functions (e.g. louder/quieter/next/mute/etc.)
  • Disable key

Download CHERRY KEYS for free and try it out for yourself.

Complete freedom - thanks to complete compatibility

CHERRY KEYS is compatible with almost all keyboards and mouse devices on the market, but works best with genuine CHERRY products.

Our solution only needs to be installed once and you can reconfigure all the special keys and F-keys to your liking. Get maximum flexibility with CHERRY KEYS and unleash the full potential of your keyboard, mouse or desktop set.

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