MX 3.0S Wireless

MX 3.0S Wireless
Winning wireless speed – maximum wireless gaming performance in innovative aluminum design!
item number: MX 3.0S Wireless
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Corded & 2,4GHz & Bluetooth
Mechanical MX
Use the entire gaming power of Cherry without any cable. With CHERRY Advanced Wireless Technology, you can choose your favorite connection from three connection modes.
Perfect for gaming: interference-free and incredibly fast gaming mode with a latency of less than 1 ms. Multi-use Bluetooth with three channels to switch between multiple devices at the touch of a button. Or simply by cable ...
Color fun – RGB illumination options from monochrome to RGB color routines in over 16 million colors on every single button
Gaming style –keyboard in high-quality extruded aluminum housing
Intelligent charging technology – play corded or wireless even while the keyboard is charging via the USB cable
CHERRY MX technology – Gold Crosspoint precision switches for all keys “Made in Germany”
Abrasion-resistant key caps, front lasered or double shot, depending on the model
Full n-key rollover – all keys are read simultaneously
Anti-ghosting – no input errors
WIN key lockout for gaming
CHERRY button for instant access to software information and the CHERRY website
Aluminum housing and rubber feet for extra stability
Palm rest and feet available separately as matching accessories
Nano-USB-Receiver, Short Manual, Keyboard, USB-A to USB-C Cable
CHERRY MX 3.0S wireless – the wireless, high-performance gaming keyboard in a classy aluminum design with RGB lighting. With CHERRY Advanced Wireless Technology, you can choose from different connection modes. When you are in the incredibly fast gaming mode, there is no limit to your speed with a latency of less than 1 ms. The tried-and-tested mechanical CHERRY MX switches, classic CHERRY gaming functions and intelligent charging technology give you the freedom to win. Performance and style!  

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Technical Details

Operating system Windows 10, Windows 11, Windows 7, Windows 8
Warranty 2 years warranty
Max. storage temperature 60 °C
Min. storage temperature -20 °C
Scope of delivery Nano-USB-Receiver, Short Manual, Keyboard, USB-A to USB-C Cable
System Requirements-Hardware USB-A
Reliability NA
Battery rechargeable yes
Number of batteries 1
Battery type Li-Ion
Battery replaceable no
Battery design AAA
Anti-ghosting yes
Response time 1 ms
Adjustable feet yes
Integrated metal plate no
Palm rest Palm rest not available
Internal memory no
Max. current consumption (mA) of keyboard 500 mA
N-key rollover not specified
Special key functions Browser, CHERRY Key, Calculator, FN, Last track, Next track, Play/Pause, Unmute/Mute, Volume up, Volume down
Status LEDs in keys
Keyboard format Full-size (100%)
Keycap material ABS
Key labeling Double shot injection molding
Key technology Mechanical
USB hub no
Master data
Width of product without packaging 140 mm
Height of product without packaging 36 mm
Length of product without packaging 430 mm
Bluetooth protocol Bluetooth 5.2
Bluetooth range (m) 10 m
Wireless range (m) 10 m
USB dongle yes
2.4 Ghz wireless connection yes
Connection via Bluetooth yes
Encryption in Bluetooth mode yes
Encryption in wireless mode yes

High-performance gaming keyboard—wireless, rechargeable and fast

With the CHERRY MX 3.0S Wireless gaming keyboard, victory is at hand: The high-quality keyboard with a sturdy, extruded aluminum housing can be connected wirelessly via Bluetooth® or the 2.4 GHz band, as well as via USB-A to USB-C cable, thanks to CHERRY Advanced Wireless Technology. In the incredibly fast gaming mode with a latency of less than 1 ms, you can take full advantage of your speed. Combine that with the tried-and-tested CHERRY MX mechanical switches, stylish RGB lighting and smart charging technology that allows you to charge the keyboard while you play and you'll be unstoppable. Step up your game with the CHERRY MX 3.0S Wireless!  

wireless fullsize gaming keyboard

Innovative design: Completely screwless

First of all, our CHERRY MX 3.0S Wireless gaming keyboard not only comes without cables, but is also entirely screwless. Its classy aluminum housing is manufactured using the continuous die-casting process. Subsequently, the circuit board on which the CHERRY MX switches are located is pressed directly into the housing. Designed retention points ensure that the wireless gaming keyboard does not rely on screws or an additional metal plate for stabilization. This gives it a minimalistic yet technical look. The high-quality housing as well as the rubber feet on the bottom make the keyboard especially stable. The completely abrasion-resistant key caps are double-shot in plastic or front-lasered, depending on the model. 

For especially intense and sustained gaming sessions, equip yourself with our optional palm rest and screwable CHERRY AC 3.3 aluminum feet and give your wrists a break.

bluetooth gaming keyboard

Wireless gaming power: CHERRY advanced wireless technology

Take advantage of the full CHERRY gaming power—even without cables with the MX 3.0S Wireless gaming keyboard! You have several connection modes to choose from, so you can select your favorite connection: Use the mechanical gaming keyboard in Bluetooth® mode and connect up to three different devices at once. Switch back and forth at the touch of a button. Thanks to the special Low Latency Mode (LLM), victory is within reach: This mode uses an extremely fast Bluetooth® connection that is ideal for gaming. 

In 2.4 GHz mode you connect the mechanical gaming keyboard wirelessly with a USB dongle and in wired mode you simply plug in the included USB-A to USB-C cable—minimum latency and maximum speed! Insanely practical: The wireless mechanical keyboard has intelligent charging technology that allows you to continue playing undisturbed even during the charging process.

mechanical gaming keyboard wireless

Original CHERRY MX Switches for absolute precision

What would a CHERRY gaming keyboard be without the original MX switches? The mechanical CHERRY MX switches, which are manufactured in Germany, are not only absolutely reliable and precise, but with their more than 100 million possible actuations per key, they are also very durable and of high quality. With our MX 3.0S Wireless gaming keyboard, you have the choice between two different switches: 

CHERRY MX Switches How does it type? Switching characteristics Key presses
MX BROWN Targeted and tangible Tactile (without click) > 100 mio.
MX RED Smooth and direct Linear (no click) > 100 mio.

Vibrant RGB lighting in over 16 million colors:

Unobtrusive, single-color lighting, animated, multi-color effects or would you prefer customizable single-key lighting? The CHERRY MX 3.0S Wireless gaming keyboard boasts impressive RGB backlighting in over 16 million colors and numerous customization options. You can set a variety of lighting options and color effects directly from the Bluetooth® mechanical keyboard. When gaming, would you like more freedom in terms of lighting options? This can be easily achieved with our CHERRY UTILITY software. If you're not in the mood for bright colors or prefer something more discreet, simply turn off the lighting. 

bluetooth mechanical gaming keyboard

Practical special features for your gaming experience

To ensure flawless gameplay, we have equipped the Bluetooth® gaming keyboard with several additional functions: Thanks to Full-N-Key Rollover, you can be sure that all keys are read simultaneously and no input is lost. Incorrect inputs, on the other hand, are avoided by anti-ghosting. The WIN key lock helps prevent inadvertently executed Windows commands when you're in the middle of your game. If you don’t use the wireless keyboard for gaming, but for working, the lock can of course be easily deactivated again. The CHERRY button gives you one-touch access to the CHERRY website and CHERRY UTILITY software, which allows you to program the backlighting on your CHERRY MX 3.0S wireless gaming keyboard, among other things.  

A mechanical keyboard that can be used wirelessly via Bluetooth® and the 2.4 GHz band or wired via USB-A to USB-C cable and also stands out with stylish RGB lighting and original MX switches—that's what lies in store with the CHERRY MX 3.0S Wireless. The keyboard impresses in gaming as well as in the office and provides you with a unique and absolutely precise typing feel in every situation. Don’t settle for less!