KW 3000

KW 3000
Low-Noise, Wireless Full-Size Keyboard
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Extended Warranty*
plastic-free packaging
Silent keystroke
USB 2.0
Wireless 2,4GHz
Full-size layout incl. arrow keys and number pad 
Flat, wireless keyboard 
Low-noise keys with durable key labels 
Up to 10 million keystrokes 
Four hotkeys for calculator, email, browser and sleep mode 
Plug-and-play installation via USB port (nano USB receiver) 
Almost interference-free wireless 2.4 GHz technology (range of up to 10 meters) 
Battery status indicator  
Stable, fold-out feet for height adjustment 
Non-slip bottom 
Free CHERRY KEYS software for assigning your preferred function to certain keys 
GS approval for certified safety 
1 x AA battery, Nano-USB-Receiver, Manual, Keyboard
The full-size wireless CHERRY KW 3000 with arrow keys and numeric keypad boasts a flat design, low-noise keys and up to 10 million potential presses per key. This battery-operated CHERRY keyboard is easy to connect wirelessly using the supplied nano USB receiver and works reliably at a range of up to 10 meters.

Technical Details

Operating system Windows 10, Windows 11, Windows 7, Windows 8
Warranty 1 additional year voluntary limited manufacturers warranty
Max. storage temperature 65 °C
Min. storage temperature -20 °C
Scope of delivery 1 x AA battery, Nano-USB-Receiver, Manual, Keyboard
Software support CHERRY KEYS
System Requirements-Hardware USB-A
Reliability MTBF > 45.000 Stunden
Battery rechargeable no
Number of batteries 1
Battery type Alkaline
Battery replaceable yes
Battery design AA
Battery charging socket no
Illumination no
Anti-ghosting not specified
Adjustable feet integrated
Integrated metal plate no
Palm rest Palm rest not available
Internal memory no
Volume (dB) of keyboard 40 db
Service life per key (in million strokes) 10 mio. actuations
Max. current consumption (mA) of keyboard 3 mA
N-key rollover not specified
Switching characteristics standard
Special key functions Browser, Calculator, PC Standby, e-mail program
Status LEDs in housing
Keyboard format Full-size (100%)
Keycap material ABS
Key labeling Laser etching
Key technology Rubberdome
Key encryption no
USB hub no
Forward travel 2,5 mm
Windows key with Windows key
Master data
Width of product without packaging 170 mm
Height of product without packaging 20 mm
Length of product without packaging 458 mm
Wireless range (m) 10 m
USB dongle yes
2.4 Ghz wireless connection yes
Connection via Bluetooth no
Encryption in wireless mode no
KW 3000

Low-noise, wireless Full-Size keyboard

Slim, quiet and reliable: The CHERRY KW 3000 is a full-size wireless keyboard (including arrow keys and numerical keypad) that is easy to connect to devices via Plug & Play using the small nano USB receiver. You'll also love the low-noise buttons with durable labeling, a practical battery status indicator and sturdy fold-out feet for height adjustment — all at a price that's value for money.

User-friendly with a clear layout — and no frills

To connect the flat wireless keyboard, simply place the enclosed nano USB dongle in the USB port of your preferred device — and you're done! The keyboard is easy and quick to install using Plug & Play — so you can benefit from an almost interference-free 2.4-GHz wireless connection. The keyboard has a range of up to 10 meters. With its proven full-size layout, the CHERRY KW 3000 features arrow keys, a numerical keypad, F1 to F12 keys and four additional keys. These additional keys can be used to access the calculator, email, browser or sleep mode in an instant. With our free CHERRY KEYS software, you have the option to individually assign the F and special keys of your wireless PC keyboard. There is a battery status indicator directly above the additional keys that lets you know when it is time to change the battery. The keyboard only requires an AA battery.

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Solid wireless keyboard — durable and reliable

The CHERRY KW 3000 wireless keyboard provides precise, error-free and low-noise typing, making it suitable for use even in open-plan offices. This wireless keyboard has a service life of up to 10 million presses per key, making it a reliable and durable product. GS ("Tested Safety") approval guarantees compliance with quality and safety standards. The sturdy fold-out feet make it easy to adjust the tilt angle of the KW 3000. Its non-slip underside helps the CHERRY wireless keyboard remain securely in place. The packaging is also completely plastic-free, using tissue paper and other materials instead.

Our CHERRY KW 3000 wireless keyboard is flat, easy to install and completely reliable — the perfect entry-level product. If you want a durable office keyboard with a variety of practical features that is also truly value for money, you can't go wrong with the KW 3000.

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