K5V2 RGB Compact

K5V2 Compact
65% mechanical gaming keyboard
item number: K5V2 Compact
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Gold Crosspoint-Contact
Hot Swap
100 Mio.
Mechanical MX
65% size
Strip LED RGB illumination
Hot-swappable CHERRY MX2A Red switches
Super-scan technology for instant response
Pre-lubed PCB-mounted stabilizers
Double layers of sound-dampening foam
2 spare switches, USB-cable, Manual, key cap puller, Keyboard
One of the most customizable keyboards in the world – now the first gaming keyboard to be equipped with CHERRY MX2A switches. K5V2 is the next level in design and performance.

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Technical Details

Warranty 2 years warranty
Cable-length 200 cm
Scope of delivery 2 spare switches, USB-cable, Manual, key cap puller, Keyboard
Reliability MTBF 90: > 10 Mio.
Illumination Strip LED RGB
Anti-ghosting yes
Response time 1 ms
Adjustable feet integrated
Palm rest Palm rest available as accessory
N-key rollover N-Key Rollover
Special key functions FN Key, Illumination settings, Media controls, Play/Pause, Unmute/Mute, Volume up, Volume down
Status LEDs in housing
Keyboard format Compact (65%)
Keycap material ABS
Key technology Mechanical
Windows key with Windows key
BYD data
Width of product without packaging 110 mm
Weight main product 841 g
Height of product without packaging 37 mm
Length of product without packaging 325 mm
The first gaming keyboard with CHERRY MX2A switches is here.



65% mechanical gaming keyboard

A hot-swappable gaming keyboard as individual as you. The compact mechanical keyboard is not only ultra-customizable, but also the first gaming keyboard with our improved MX2A switches for an incredibly smooth typing experience. In addition, you can expect overwhelming RGB lighting thanks to the built-in LED strips inside the keyboard as well as a new super-scan technology, which gives you a particularly fast response time. So on that note: GLHF!

Hot-swappable CHERRY MX2A RED switches

Our CHERRY MX2A switches feature precision-applied premium lubricant and a new, innovative spring design for smoother operation and improved acoustics. With the MX2A RED you can expect a linear switching characteristic without noticeable feedback and 100 million keystrokes without loss of input quality. The spring resistance is so low that the switches trigger directly. As a result, the CHERRY XTRFY K5V2 Compact responds very quickly – and with ease. Do you prefer tactile switches with haptic feedback? No problem: Since the K5V2 Compact is a hot-swappable gaming keyboard, the switches are easy to replace. A switch and key cap remover is included.

Ultra-customizable: Give the K5V2 your own personal touch!

The CHERRY XTRFY K5V2 Compact not only allows the switches to be customized, but everything else too: From the key caps to the stabilizers to the frame, the cable and even the small logo plate, everything is interchangeable. The CHERRY XTRFY Custom Keyboard Builder makes it easy to create a hot-swappable gaming keyboard that fits your needs.

Compact 65% form factor

What immediately catches the eye with the K5V2 is its compact size. The hot-swap keyboard has less than 70 keys and can still easily keep up with the ease of use of a full-size keyboard. Especially in fast shooter games, the compact dimensions are an advantage because you have more space for mouse movements. On top of that, the small gaming keyboard can be transported from A to B easily.

Incredible RGB lighting with LED strip technology

Thanks to the integrated LED strips, this hot-swap keyboard offers more impressive lighting than ever before. You also have the option of assigning a color to each button without any additional software. All settings are made directly on the keyboard. If you connect the hot-swappable keyboard to a USB 3 port, you can also switch to USB 3 mode to boost RGB lighting.

Incredibly fast with handy gaming features

The K5V2 Compact is equipped with a new super-scan technology, which scans all the keys at intervals of half a millisecond. This allows you to benefit from a particularly fast response time. Full-N-Key rollover ensures that all keys are read at the same time and no input is lost. Incorrect inputs are also avoided by anti-ghosting.

High-quality workmanship for professional durability

Thanks to its metal plate design, the hot-swappable gaming keyboard is secure and stable on the desktop. Pre-lubricated, PCB-mounted stabilizers prevent key wobble, so you can type more fluidly. Double layers of sound-dampening foam reduce noise for silent typing. Look forward to a high-quality product that you will enjoy for a long time.

Fast, ultra-adaptable and so very bright: The CHERRY XTRFY K5V2 Compact never ceases to impress. In addition, the mechanical keyboard has hot-swappable switches that can be replaced without soldering. In short: You’ll get a hot-swappable gaming keyboard that can be customized to suit your taste. Don’t waste any time and create your own K5V2!