Solutions for the home office

Working in the home office

Each person handles work tasks in his or her own unique way. Just as companies and organizations are beginning to equip their employees with products that tailor to their own individual needs (e.g., supplying a high-DPI mouse to a graphic designer), the same principle applies to setting-up one’s home office.

What may work well for one individual may not work for another. This is where offering a wide selection of choices is crucial to employees as they bring the office environment into their homes. Some focus on a bunch of extra features, some need ergonomic devices and others focus more on the design aspect.

CHERRY not only presents a wide arrange of computer input devices that help users thrive in the typical office environment, but CHERRY also has many great mice and keyboards to adapt to individual needs in the home office.

Solutions for your home office

Get the most out of your home office with devices designed explicitly with user-comfort, practicality, and workability in mind.



This ultra-flat and sleek rechargeable wireless desktop set stands out due to its innovative functions and excellent workmanship.

Enjoy flexibility and the ability to interchange between various devices, as the DW 9000 SLIM can be connected using a 2.4 GHz wireless USB receiver or by Bluetooth®. Data security is not a concern as data is transferred via AES-128 encryption.

Spend more time working and less time charging! The DW 9000 SLIM features rechargeable lithium batteries that last for weeks of continuous work. With the integration of high-quality scissor mechanisms, busy typists can enjoy an ideal typing experience. The inclusion of 6 additional keys also makes typing more convenient and practical: “Windows lock,” “Open browser,” “Quieter,” “Louder,” “Mute,” and “Open calculator.” At the end, mouse and keyboard come with classy design in black and white, so that it fits in every home.



If you’re looking for a keyboard for continuous office use, the CHERRY STREAM is the choice for you.

It is extremely robust, with a key lifespan of over 20 million presses, and can be used immediately as its Plug & Play capability means that no software installation is required. It is also especially quiet and has an ultra-flat ergonomic top design with GS approval for fatigue-free working.

The keyboard also has 10 additional keys that allow you to control volume, multimedia functions, and frequently used Office applications.



Right-handed users can experience uncompromising quality, exquisite design, and the latest technology in an ergonomic form – The CHERRY MW 8 ERGO allows for hours of uninterrupted work and unprecedented comfort.

Rubber-padded side sections and conveniently-placed thumb buttons allow for a more natural hand position and ease-of-use. Large gliding surfaces enable the mouse to move lightly over the desktop, relieving stress from the wrist.

Featuring a high-precision sensor, the MW 8 ERGO can be used on nearly every surface, even on glass tables. The DPI button can be adjusted to 4 levels of dpi – 600, 1000, 1600, or 3200 dpi. This means that the mouse is perfectly suitable for use with high-resolution 4k monitors! The integrated rechargeable lithium battery can be simply charged via USB cable -even while you work. The generous capacity of 550 mAh means that one charge suffices for several weeks of uninterrupted work!



Those who cherish modern aesthetics, as well as robustness, will appreciate the state-of-the-art design of the KC 6000 SLIM corded keyboard.

With an integrated metal plate and durable key lettering, avid typists can enjoy years of continuous use. High-quality scissor mechanism ensures perfect keystrokes, while the compact and slim housing makes the KC 6000 SLIM the perfect fit for any work location.

Those accustomed to working on a laptop will appreciate the chiclet design, as well as the status LEDs, which indicate when certain functions such as CAPS-lock are in use.



A sleek modern design and innovative features comprise this ingenious wireless mouse. The CHERRY MW 8 ADVANCED impresses with its anodized aluminum surface, rubber side parts in a stylish Voronoi design, and compact design, which fits snugly in the user’s hand.

The highly precise sensor with a laser LED allows the mouse to be used on nearly every surface, including glass tables. The resolution can be set in four stages at the touch of a button: 600, 1,000, 1,600 or 3,200 dpi. This means the mouse is ready for use with high-resolution 4k monitors.The highly precise sensor with a laser LED allows the mouse to be used on nearly every surface, including glass tables. The resolution can be set in four stages at the touch of a button: 600, 1,000, 1,600 or 3,200 dpi. This means the mouse is ready for use with high-resolution 4k monitors.

The installed rechargeable lithium battery can be simply charged with the supplied USB cable – even while you work. The generous capacity of 550 mAh means that one charge suffices for several weeks of uninterrupted productivity.



The CHERRY MW 4500 mouse is shaped for right-handed users and at a 45-degree angle, meaning a more natural wrist and arm position.

It’s also wireless, allowing for free and flexible movement across your desk. The resolution can be adjusted to one of 3 levels, with a maximum resolution of 1200 dpi, allowing precise navigation, and is easy to adapt to your preferences. Two additional thumb buttons allow you to jump to the next page or previous page in your Internet browser by touching a button.

The extra small nano receiver can remain in your laptop without problems, or will find space in the bottom of the mouse. An all-rounder for the office or for home use! The MW 4500 will soon be released in a left-handed version with the same features.

Helpful tips to make the transition to home office easier:

1. The location

Choose the location for your home office to be in an area that offers plenty of light, a respite from noise and other distractions, as well as a strong connection to Wi-Fi. Boosting one’s Wi-Fi signal is easy to do with the implementation of “range extender” (aka Wi-Fi repeater) or a WiFi mesh system.

2. Outfit your office

Outfit your workspace to be similar to what you’re used to in your regular office. Used to working with multiple screens? Then re-create your ideal workspace at your desk at home. While working remotely might seem ideal from the sofa or bed, maintaining the correct work posture is still important. Ergonomics can still be practiced properly from a dining room table, kitchen island, or any other makeshift working area. Sign-up for the free CHERRY ERGO E-Paper to learn more!

3. Keep your workspace clean

No matter if you are working at the offce or from home: a clean workspace means more productivity and less stress. In addition to dust, food scraps or spilled drinks are often the main cause of keyboard damage. Therefore, try not to eat your meals at your workplace, but rather find a quiet area for your lunch break.

Here are also some tips on how to clean your keyboard:

Method 1: Shake & Tap

  • Turn the keyboard around, so the keys face down.
  • With this rotation, some crumbs and loose dirt will fall from the keyboard.
  • By slightly tapping and shaking, you can get rid of some larger dirt particles.
  • Cotton swabs and soft brushes are good tools against deep-sitting residue.

Method 2: Cleaning solutions

  • Most CHERRY keyboards can be easily cleaned by gently wiping with soap and warm water.
  • Isopropyl and ethyl alcohol-based solutions can also be used.
  • Do not spray or pour the cleaning solution directly onto the device.
  • Wipe down the keyboard with a slightly damp cloth and mild cleaning agent.
  • Wipe down all the exterior surfaces.

Helpful hints:

  • Make sure your keyboard is switched off and completely disconnected from the PC before you begin cleaning. Wireless keyboards with batteries should have the batteries removed.
  • Refrain from using too much moisture on your keyboard.
  • Apply a mild cleaner to a soft, fiber-free cloth.
  • Make sure the keyboard is completely dry before using.

Download the tips as a compact PDF for your workspace

4. Embrace ergonomics!

Discover CHERRY’s new ERGO line of perfectly-formed ergonomic mice and keyboards, designed to keep one’s workday smooth and pain-free. Experience the difference using ergonomic devices and offer, and see a noticeable improvement in productivity!

5. Take breaks!

Take advantage of your patio, terrace, or any outdoor space available to you. Enjoying a few quiet moments in the fresh air and sunshine will help bring a much needed mood boost to your day. Also try gymnastics, Yoga or anything else to stay more active and fit at home.

6. Stay in touch

Have fun and stay connected. As many office workers are finding themselves outside of the conventional corporate environment and thrust into their provisional home offices, colleagues may feel disconnected from one another. It’s imperative for employees to become familiarized and efficient using team connecting applications such as Skype, Zoom, WebEx to maintain that group relationship. Keep each other up-to-date of your work tasks and team goals by holding regular online or telephone meetings. It’s also helpful to activate yourself and your colleagues with a virtual coffee session in the morning!
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