Key financial figures

For Fiscal Year ended December 31,
2020 2019 2018
(Cherry Holding GmbH*)
(in EUR thousands, unless otherwise stated)
Revenue 130,204 114,723 100,085
Adjusted EBITDA 37,132 29,741 20,947
Adjusted EBITDA margin 28,5% 25,9% 20,9%
Adjusted EBIT 26,848 20,355 13,724
Adjusted EBIT margin 20,6% 17,7% 13,7%
Consolidated profit/loss 17,537 12,515 9,293
Free Cash Flow** 16,438 12,731 10,416

* Cherry AG (then: Cherry AcquiCo GmbH) acquired Cherry Holding GmbH, the former parent company of Cherry Group, with effect as of September 30, 2020. Figures presented in this table do not refer to Cherry Group with Cherry AG as parent company, but to the former group of Cherry Holding GmbH. Cherry Holding GmbH was merged into Cherry AG (then: Cherry AcquiCo GmbH) in April 2021. Historical financial information for Chery Group with Cherry AG as parent company reflecting the full fiscal year 2020 is not available.

** Cherry Group calculates "Free Cash Flow" as cash flows from operating activities less cash flows from investing activities.

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