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Basic Data

Ticker (Trading Symbol) C3RY
Type of Shares Ordinary bearer shares with no par value (Stückaktien)
First day of trading June 29, 2021
Total Number of Shares 24,300,000
Stock Exchange Frankfurt Stock Exchange
Designated Sponsor Hauck & Aufhäuser Privatbankiers AG
Paying Agent Bankhaus Gebr. Martin AG

Shareholder structure*

* Information is based on notifications of voting rights pursuant to Art. 40, Para. 1 of the German Securities Trading Act (WpHG)) as well as on internal notifications of individual investors to Cherry that are not subject to publication. Shares below 5% are reported as free float according to the definition of Deutsche Börse and are not shown separately. (Status as of October 22, 2021)
** Based on an internal, non-public notification of the investor to Cherry.


Analyst Institute Recommendation Target Price Date
Marie-Thérèse Gruebner / Tim Wunderlich, CFA Hauck & Aufhäuser Buy 48,50 Euro 16.11.2021
Julian Dobrovolschi / Leopoldo Palazzi Trivelli ABN AMRO / ODDO BHF Outperform 40 Euro 16.11.2021
Jörg Philipp Frey / Andreas Wolf Warburg Buy 48 Euro 16.11.2021

Please note:

Cherry AG updates the analyst overview regularly. The evaluations presented here merely reflect the opinion of the financial institutions, research companies or analysts named therein. Cherry AG assumes no liability for the selection, timeliness, completeness or accuracy of the analyst recommendations reproduced and their content. Interested parties are recommended to obtain research reports from the respective analysts directly or from the corresponding financial institutions or research companies. Cherry AG does not provide research reports.

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